Disney movies in Chinese – Week 21

Yesterday I inaugurated a new resource for Mandarin listening and viewing. I have planned to use it from the outset: Western children’s movies dubbed in Mandarin—especially, but not limited to, Disney movies. Variety is the spice of learning a language by watching videos.

Besides variety, I anticipate one benefit in particular from this new resource: renewed engagement and viewing hours from my six-year-old daughter, Camila Daya. Note from the following graph that from weeks 4 to 12 she not only kept pace but caught up to my viewing hours. This was largely thanks to Boonie Bears, a fun but too difficult source. She even wrote a blog post! However, her viewing abruptly tapered off, and at present I’m on track to double her total hours viewed.


Time will tell, but I think there is a chance her viewing will skyrocket now with these new DVDs, since, like most kids, she has the capacity to watch movies she that she likes over and over again. Interestingly—and this may not be that typical for a six year old—the language does not seem to matter that much.

I remember how she got started with Spanish. One day, I believe when she was still four, she said to me, “Dadda, I know how to say ‘Princess Ariel’ in Spanish.” She proceeded to perfectly trill the ‘r,’ precisely produce the closed ‘e’ vowel sound, and hang her tongue at roof of her mouth at the ending ‘l’ sound. I was impressed! “How did you know that?” I asked her. She laughed long and hard before telling me that she had discovered that she could set the DVD to Spanish. Since then, in addition to one-hour Spanish classes once or twice a week, she continues to progress, albeit slowly, by occasionally watching videos in Spanish and access Spanish-learning websites for kids (Mi Mundo en Palabras and Plaza Sésamo). If she continues this project and eventually learns Mandarin, she will become quadrilingual, not to mention knowing a hundred or more ASL signs.

Here is the full list of Western children’s movies that we now have dubbed in Mandarin:

  • Mulan
  • Cinderella (1950)
  • Sound of Music
  • Finding Nemo
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Little Mermaid

I got these DVDs from the US Amazon site and had them shipped to my brother, who lives in Boston and just arrived in Brazil for the World Cup. There are other titles available, and if this goes well, I’m sure I will get many more.

In addition to variety and appeal to Daya, other advantages to this resource may be: familiarity with the plots, simplicity of plots and dialogue, catchy songs that stay in one’s head, high quality and entertainment value (even for adults), and ease of switching audio and subtitles (not the case with the downloaded movies I watch on my tablets). The major disadvantages I can think of are inherent to the fact that these are Western movies. The dialogues are translated, which makes them less authentic and perhaps less rich and valuable, and I will not be getting culture insights, which are closely linked to effective language acquisition.

What are your thoughts, dear reader? Is this a good addition or not to my Mandarin viewing sources?

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