Qiao Hu Study Guide 3 – Week 29

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve posted my third ever Qiao Hu study guide. This episode also has a vocabulary review at the end, so start at minute 21:00, then watch the whole thing. Read through the study guide ahead of time, and keep it open for reference, so that you know what to keep an eye out for. You can also use the study guide to as a prod to mentally review the vocabulary you’ve learned.

In next week’s post, I’ll tell you about a new project within my experiment, which I hope will help me better consolidate the vocabulary I glean from videos, and may also, one day, be the beginnings of a Mandarin learning method I can prepare for regular students of the language, based on videos, of course!

I downloaded and began to watch Curse of the Golden Flower, with one of my favorite Chinese actors, the beautiful Gong Li. So please come back for a review of that movie next week, and an updated films file.



2 thoughts on “Qiao Hu Study Guide 3 – Week 29

  1. Greta Browne says:

    I haven’t much to say this week except that I can see why you enjoy watching certain movies. Gong Li is lovely.

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