Super Qiao Hu Study Guide and French Fluency Recovery Project – Week 48

My Mandarin viewing is back in full throttle. In fact, upon returning from my Peru trip, I believe I set an all-time record for total viewing hours in a seven-day period. I watched nearly 12 hours—an average of 1:40 per day! By contrast, my average daily viewing time for the entire 11 months of the […]

Qiao Hu Study Guides

Skip to Qiao Hu Study Guides Introduction Qiao Hu is the most didactic authentic video listening resource I have found for beginners. I highly recommend it for all beginning and intermediate-level students of Mandarin. It is a sure-fire way to get your toddlers understanding the language, but is also very useful for adults in limited doses. Warning: […]

One-Third Done! – Weeks 83, 84, and 85

I have completed 400 hours of viewing, which is 1/3 of the total planned time for my experiment! Today I updated some tables, statistics, and graphs to provide a summary of my experiment thus far. I will not assess or comment in much detail on my progress or results obtained. I am doing that each time I […]

Mandarin and Yale Law – Weeks 78 and 79

——————————————— AUGUST 4 BREAKING NEWS UPDATE I just published an update to my French Fluency Recovery Project ——————————————— BREAKING NEWS UPDATE I just went to a Walgreens here in New Haven, Connecticut. There were several young Chinese people in the drug store buying food and beverages, among other things. They were chitchatting among themselves, and—lo and behold—I could […]